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The Guards Museum, Wellington Barracks, London


Wellington Barracks

Birdcage Walk




Opening hours...

10:00am to 4:00pm

Seven days a week

(Last admission at 3:30pm)



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Grenadier Guards


Corporal Wilfred Dolby FULLER (1st Bn, Grenadier Guards)  ***


Victoria Crosses held by the Grenadier Guards RHQ


Sergeant Alfred ABLETT (3rd Bn, Grenadier Guards)

Lance Corporal James ASHWORTH ( loan ) (1st Bn, Grenadier Guards)

Private Edward BARBER (1st Bn, Grenadier Guards)

Private William Edgar HOLMES (2nd Bn, Grenadier Guards)

Corporal Harry NICHOLLS (3rd Bn, Grenadier Guards)

Private Anthony PALMER (3rd Bn, Grenadier Guards)

Captain George Henry PATON (4th Bn, Grenadier Guards)

Captain Thomas Tannatt PRYCE (4th Bn, Grenadier Guards)

Lance Sergeant John Harold RHODES (3rd Bn, Grenadier Guards)

Lieutenant Colonel Sir Charles RUSSELL (3rd Bn, Grenadier Guards)


Coldstream Guards


Sergeant Oliver BROOKS (3rd Bn, Coldstream Guards)  ***

Brigadier General John Vaughan CAMPBELL (3rd Bn, Coldstream Guards)  ***

Lieutenant Colonel John Augustus CONOLLY (49th Regiment ( Royal Berkshire Regiment )

Lance Corporal Frederick William DOBSON (2nd Bn, Coldstream Guards)  ***

Captain Cyril Hubert FRISBY (1st Bn, Coldstream Guards)  ***

Lieutenant General Gerald Littlehales GOODLAKE (1st Bn, Coldstream Guards)  ***

Lance Corporal Thomas Norman JACKSON (1st Bn, Coldstream Guards)  ***

Captain Ian Oswald LIDDELL (5th Bn, Coldstream Guards)  ***

Private WilliamSTANLAKE (1st Bn, Coldstream Guards)  ***

Private George STRONG (1st Bn, Coldstream Guards)  ***


Scots Guards


Captain George Arthur BOYD - ROCHFORT (1st Bn, Scots Guards)  ***

Lieutenant James CRAIG (Scots ( Fusilier ) Guards)  ***

Private James MACKENZIE (2nd Bn, Scots Guards)  ***

Sergeant John MCAULAY (1st Bn, Scots Guards)  ***

Sergeant James MCKECHNIE (Scots ( Fusilier ) Guards)

Sergeant Frederick MCNESS (1st Bn, Scots Guards)  ***

Corporal William REYNOLDS (Scots ( Fusilier ) Guards)  ***


Irish Guards


Guardsman Edward Colquhoun CHARLTON (2nd Bn, Irish Guards)  ***

Co Qtrmaster Sgt John Patrick KENNEALLY (1st Bn, Irish Guards)  ***

Lieutenant Colonel James Neville MARSHALL (Irish Guards ( Special Reserve )

comd 16th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers)  ***

Sergeant John MOYNEY (2nd Bn, Irish Guards)  ***

Major Michael O'LEARY (1st Bn, Irish Guards)  ***

Corporal Thomas WOODCOCK (2nd Bn, Irish Guards)  ***


Welsh Guards


Sergeant Robert James BYE (1st Bn, Welsh Guards)

Lieutenant The Hon Christopher FURNESS (1st Bn, Welsh Guards)


***VC's displayed at the Guards Museum.

VC's at the Museum

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