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National Army Museum, Chelsea


National Army Museum,

Royal Hospital Road,


London SW3 4HT


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Crimean War ( 1854-1856 )


General Sir Mark WALKER (30th Regiment ( Cambridgeshire Regiment )


Indian Mutiny ( 1857-1858 )


Colonel Robert Hope AITKEN (13th Bengal Native Infantry, Indian Army)

General Sir Samuel James BROWNE (2nd Punjab Cavalry, P.I.F., Indian Army) ***

General William Martin CAFE (4th Punjab Infantry, P.I.F., Indian Army)

Captain Herbert Mackworth CLOGSTOUN (2nd Cavalry, Hyderabad Contingent, Indian Army)

Private Thomas DUFFY (1st Madras ( European ) Fusiliers, Indian Army)

Mr Ross Lowis MANGLES (Bengal Civil Service)

Corporal John MCGOVERN (1st Bengal ( European ) Fusiliers, Indian Army)

Sergeant James MCGUIRE (1st Bengal ( European ) Fusiliers, Indian Army) ***

Field Marshal Frederick Sleigh - Earl ROBERTS (Bengal Artillery, Indian Army)

Sergeant John RYAN (1st Madras ( European ) Fusiliers, Indian Army) ***

Field Marshal Sir Evelyn WOOD 17th Lancers ( Duke of Cambridge's Own )

att'd 3rd Bombay Light Cavalry, Indian Army)


Persia (1857)


Captain John Grant MALCOLMSON

3rd Bombay Light Cavalry


New Zealand ( 1860-1866 )


Major General Hugh SHAW (18th Regiment ( Royal Irish Regiment )


Ashantee War ( 1874 )


Major General Reginald William SARTORIUS (6th Bengal Cavalry

att'd West African ( Gold Coast ) Regiment)


Rorke's Drift ( 1879 )


Corporal Ferdinand Christian SCHIESS (2nd Bn, Natal Native Contingent, SA Forces)


Afghan War ( 1878-1880 )


General Sir O'Moore CREAGH (Mharwara Battalion, Indian Army)

Major General Euston Henry SARTORIUS (59th Regiment ( 2nd Nottinghamshire Regiment )


Basuto War, South Africa ( 1879 )


Private Francis FITZPATRICK (94th Regiment ( Connaught Rangers )


1st Boer War ( 1881 )


Sergeant John DANAHER (Nourse's Horse ( Transvaal ), South African Forces)

Lance Corporal James MURRAY (2nd Bn, Connaught Rangers)


Rhodesia ( 1896 )


Trooper Herbert Stephen HENDERSON (Rhodesia Horse ( Bulawayo Field Force ), S.A. Forces)


North West Frontier, India ( 1897 )


Brigadier General Edmond William COSTELLO (22nd ( Punjab ) Regiment, Bengal Infantry, Indian Army)

Colour Sergeant James SMITH (1st Bn, East Kent Regiment ( The Buffs )


2nd Boer War ( 1899-1902 )


Bombadier Isaac LODGE ('Q' Bty, Royal Horse Artillery) ***

Lieutenant Frederick Hugh ROBERTS (King's Royal Rifle Corps)


Somaliland ( 1903 )


Major General William George WALKER (4th Gurkha Rifles, Indian Army

att'd Bikanir Camel Corps)


First World War ( 1914-1918 )


Captain Arthur Hugh BATTEN-POOLL (3rd Bn, Royal Munster Fusiliers)

Lieutenant General Sir Adrian CARTON DE WIART (4th ( Royal Irish ) Dragoon Guards)

Corporal William Reginald COTTER (6th Bn, East Kent Regiment ( The Buffs ) ***

Lieutenant Frank Alexander DE PASS (34th Prince Albert Victor's Own Poona Horse)

Private Frederick Jeremiah EDWARDS (12th Bn, Middlesex Regiment)

2nd Lieutenant Rupert Price HALLOWES (4th Bn, Middlesex Regiment)

Corporal Thomas HUGHES (6th Bn, Connaught Rangers)

Captain Allastair Malcolm MCREADY-DIARMID (17th ( S ) Bn, Middlesex Regiment)

Lance Corporal Frederick George ROOM (2nd Bn, Royal Irish Regiment)

Brigadier Alfred Maurice TOYE (2nd Bn, Middlesex Regiment)

Lieutenant Colonel George Campbell WHEELER (2nd Bn, 9th Gurkha Rifles, Indian Army)


Second World War ( 1939-1945 )


Brigadier Arthur Edward CUMMING (12th Frontier Force Regiment, Indian Army)


Falkland Islands ( 1982 )


Colonel Herbert JONES ( loan ) (2nd Bn, The Parachute Regiment) ***

*** displayed in April 2017


VC's at the Museum

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