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This page is where I give my thanks to people who have offered advice and support with my website. They deserve a mention and where possible are links to relevant websites which will further your knowledge of the incredible subject which is the Victoria Cross and the George Cross.

Kevin Brazier

kevin brazier

Kevin is one of, if not the foremost, authorities on military history. He is a renowned author in his field and I have used his books extensively in my research. He has also offered a large amount of advice and support with this website. He has also provided a large number of resources to the site such as grave photographs and cemetery plans from his own personal collection. This has been invaluable to making this site as comprehensive as it is. Therefore, I have to give great thanks to Kevin and implore anyone who wishes to learn more about the subject of the VC, GC or even the Blue Max, then buy one of Kevin's superb books. Just click on any of the images of his books below to go to the publisher's website.

vc book gc book blue max book

Steve Lee (Memorials to Valour)

Steve Lee is another huge enthusiast of all things Victoria Cross and with a number of other VC enthuasiasts travels far and wide to collect images of memorials to the incredible men who have been awarded the highest award for gallantry. Steve has set up a fabulous website called "Memorials to Valour" which contains fantastic information about the men and images of the memorials that exist to them. Steve has kindly given permission to use some of his images for this website and has also offered alot of support and advice for the work I am doing. Please click on the Memorials to Valour website link below and support Steve's fabulous site. As of April 2021, the website has completed up to VC 1300.

steve lee memorials to valour

Click on the picture above to be taken to Steve's Memorials to Valour site

Iain Stewart

Iain Stewart runs and maintains an excellent website about the Victoria Cross which has proved another fabulous resource to help me in my research. Iain's site contains information ranging from the location of the VC medals, to the burial location of each of the the recipients both in the UK and the rest of the world. Please click on the link below to see Iain's site.

victoria cross

Victoria Cross Researchers Group

The Victoria Cross Researchers Group can be found on Facebook and was created by Victoria House. It has a large numbers of members, all enthusiatic about their interest in the VC. The group has really been invaluable for me to collect information, share ideas, and allow me to publish my daily VC diaries (which also appear on this site) to an hopefully appreciative audience. The group has a number of regular contributors such as Kevin Brazier, Steve Lee, Victoria House, Wytzia Raspe, Alastair Kennedy-Rose to name just a few. Please click on the picture on the left if you want to know more about the group.

victoria cross background

Victoria Cross Society

The Victoria Cross Society seeks to educate, enlighten, stimulate and further interest and knowledge in the history and personalities associated with the Victoria Cross. The aims of the Society include the publication of articles, letters and reviews likely to interest students of the Victoria Cross. The Victoria Cross Society with its editor Brian Best, produces two quality Journals each year which contain articles which can be submitted by members of the Society, and news about the award, auction and whereabouts of VC's. Brian Best has kindly agreed for his site to be linked to my site. Please click on the link below to find out more about the Society. Sadly, the VC Society has recently closed, though the website is still in operation.



Terry Cooling

Terry Cooling is an acquaintance of mine from the Facebook Victoria Cross Researchers Group page, who often makes very kind observations and comments on my daily VC diary which I post on the site. Through this link, Terry has very kindly allowed me to use a number of his VC photographs particularly from his visits to the Lincolnshire Life Museum, Lincoln, The Royal Tank Regiment, Bovington and The Keep Military Museum, Dorchester. These pictures are very kindly received - thank you!

Thomas Stewart

Thomas Stewart is another acquaintance from the Facebook Victoria Cross Online Group page, who has also kindly provided a huge amount of pictures from his own collection. These include images of medals groups and memorials from all over the UK and further afield to a large amount of the men who have been awarded the VC and GC. Thanks to Thomas is well deserved!

British War Graves Photographs

British War Graves are a online website which contains photographs of British War Graves across the UK, Europe and much further afield. They have been a great help particularly with the images of graves from the Stanley Military Cemetery in Hong Kong with its 5 GC holders. Click below for a link to their site.

web Radford T

Derek Hollowday / Rachel Carpenter

Derek and Rachel deserve many thanks for their assistance with the entry for Vivian Hollowday GC. Derek has compiled a vast archive of photographs and documents relating to Vivian, and has kindly donated them to me and I have only been able to use a fraction of the archive. Part of the archive includes documents and photographs of Noel Francis Lloyd Davies, RAF, the young pilot who tragically died despite the heroic efforts of Vivian Hollowday to rescue him. The photographs and documents used on Hollowday's page pertaining to Noel Davies are used with the kind permission of Rachel Carpenter, who owns the archive of her grandfather. Thanks to Derek and Rachel.

Royal Ulster Constabulary George Cross Foundation

The "Patten Report" of 1999 recommended the creation of a Royal Ulster Constabulary GC Foundation which was subsequently established by virtue of the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2000 for the purpose of "marking the sacrifice and honouring the achievements of the Royal Ulster Constabulary".


On 9 March 2010, the political parties in Northern Ireland agreed that the responsibility for policing and justice functions should devolve to the Northern Ireland Assembly on 12 April 2010. During the period up to the date of devolution, the RUC GC Foundation was accountable to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.


Please click on the logo for more information.


Derek Walker

Derek Walker has his own site called, which to quote from his site "is really a glimpse at the world that I live in and have lived in. It encompasses many things, although the main focus is on transportation and memorials." On Derek's site, there are three sections which cover the Victoria Cross, with photographs of Victoria Cross graves in both the UK and South Africa, and a section of Victoria Cross plaques from the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas. Derek has kindly allowed permission to use some of his images on this site. Please check out his excellent site in return! NOW CLOSED

George Cross Researchers Group

The George Cross Researchers Group is a group on Facebook which is dedicated to honouring the men and women who have been awarded the joint highest award for gallantry in the British and former Commonwealth Honours System. It covers all the recipients of the Empire Gallantry Medal who were automatically awarded the George Cross on its inception by King George VI on 24th September 1940, and the recipients of the Albert and Edward Medals who exchanged their medals after 1971, or were alive in 1971 but chose to decline the offer to exchange. The group is headed by Terry Hissey, who is a leading authority on the George Cross having worked with Marion Hebblethwaite and her "One Step Further" series of books on the recipients of the George Cross. Terry has also written books himself on the subject such as "Come If Ye Dare". The group also has several notable contributors including Kevin Brazier (author of The Complete George Cross), Peter Norton GC (Chairman of the VC/GC Association), Gary Stapleton (Chairman of the VC Trust), Alastair Kennedy-Rose, Steve Lee (Memorials to Valour website), Anthony Staunton (an author on Australian VC and GC recipients) and Derek Hollowday (a relative of Vivian Hollowday GC) who has supplied several great images for my page on Hollowday GC. Please click on the image of the George Cross below to visit this group and request membership.

george cross

Steve Hoar

Steve Hoar is another acquaintance from the various Victoria Cross Facebook groups who has kindly supplied me with images from his own collection of photographs of the graves of Victoria Cross recipients. All of Steve's contributions are greatly appreciated.


Baxters Battlefield Tours

This website is also indebted to the support of both Stuart Baxter and Paul Prendergast who run an excellent Battlefield Tours company. They organise superb tours of the Western Front and beyond. In 2016, they have 5 tours planned entitled "Pompey Remembers", "Good Old Somersets", "Medical Services on the Western Front", "It's Not So Quiet on the Western Front" and "Victoria Cross". The last mentioned tour features the expert knowledge of Kevin Brazier, a great supporter of this site himself. If you are interested in booking a tour with this excellent company, please click the logo below to be taken to their site.....

baxters battlefields tour

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Mark Sanders (Badge of Courage Group)

Another useful contact is Mark Sanders who is part of the Badge of Courage Facebook group which has kindly helped with the research into the citations of over 400 of the VC recipients. Thanks for your input. To visit the page, click the link below.

badge of courage

Terry Hissey


Terry Hissey is an authority on the history of the George Cross and its recipients. He has researched the recipients of the Albert Medal, Edward Medal and Empire Gallantry Medals prior to the creation of the George Cross, and the recipients since 1940. He has completed a wealth of research on the medal and its recipients and has published on the subject. He has written a book called “Come If Ye Dare” about a number of Civil Defence recipients of the George Cross including William Mosedale GC and Frederick Davies GC. Terry has been invaluable as a source of knowledge and advice on compiling each of the profiles of the recipients of the George Cross on my website. Thank You! Click on the image right to order his book,

vc gc reunion 2016

Paul Deeprose

Paul is a recent acquaintance through the Victoria Cross Online Facebook group who has provided some great images for in particular the recipients of the VC who attended Haileybury College. He has also contributed images of the original medals held by the Royal Fusiliers Museum at the Tower of London. Thanks!


He obviously is a man with impeccable VC contacts as his photo testifies with none other than Johnson Gideon Beharry VC.

paul deeprose

David Sykes

David Sykes is a recent acquaintance who has the privilege of being the great-grandson of Ernest Sykes VC, of the Northumberland Fusiliers, who received the VC for his actions in the Great War. David has recently set up a free website called for relatives of Victoria Cross recipients to record their memories/photographs. David has of course, included a personal archive of items surrounding his own great-grandfather. Please click on the link below to visit David's excellent site.


Brian Drummond

Another notable contributor to the Victoria Cross Online website is Brian. Brian is an ex-serviceman who has a great interest in the history of the Victoria Cross. He is a regular contributor to the group, and has provided a number of images for the site. He has very recently provided images of the VC stone unveiling for Thomas Maufe VC in Ilkley, Yorkshire. Thanks is very due to Brian!

Johnson Gideon Beharry VC


Victoria Cross Online has been very honoured to receive the help of three recipients of the Victoria Cross. Johnson Beharry VC has been extremely helpful with images for his page, and has provided a quote. He has also checked out the text for his page and this is very welcome.

Bill Speakman VC

Keith Payne VC, AM

speakman 9 payne k pic

Victoria Cross Online was very honoured to have been supported by Bill Speakman VC. Sadly Bill passed away in June 2018 and will be greatly missed. He was always kept informed of developments on the site through Alastair Kennedy-Rose on his visits to the Royal Chelsea Hospital.

Victoria Cross Online has been very honoured to receive the help of three recipients of the Victoria Cross. I had the pleasure of meeting Keith, his wife Florence, and daughter Michelle in London in May 2016 at the Union Jack Club. Keith and Michelle have kindly provided a number of images for his page, and Keith was able to provide some quotes.

Richard Yielding

Thanks need to go to Richard Yielding, a relatively recent inductee into the Victoria Cross Online fraternity, but a most welcome one! Richard is a leading authority and researcher into the recipients of the Victoria Cross and George Cross who hail from Australia. Richard is a regular contributor to the group page with entries about his vast subject library or posts of his archive material about the men who have received the VC or GC from Australia. Richard has kindly allowed me to use some of his material to improve the website further. Many thanks!

VC and GC Association

The VC and GC Association and its current Chairman, Peter Norton GC have kindly agreed to be part of the Victoria Cross Online website. Of course Peter Norton GC features on his own page and provided pictures and a fabulous quote to adorn his page. Peter also helped edit his own page. Peter has also been of great advice and help and has helped promote the website through the VC and GC Association Twitter page. I have no doubt this has helped the number of visitors to the site to increase dramatically. Please click below for a link to the VC and GC Association website which has been created by Sam Shepard GC, which has information on the history of the Association, its members and its mission aims for representing the current 9 living VC recipients and the 17 living GC recipients (as of May 2020). Thanks to Peter Norton GC and the VC/GC Association.

Allan Stanistreet

Allan Stanistreet is a leading authority on the history of the Albert Medal and its recipients. He has written two books on the subject "Heroes of the Albert Medal" and "More Heroes of the Albert Medal". He has also written a book called "Brave Railwaymen" which features the George Cross recipients whose actions involved the railways. He also has produced "Against All Disaster" a book which features recipients of the VC, GC, Albert Medal and Edward Medal. As a result, I have used Allan's books extensively as a source for my GC section, and my new project on the AM. Allan has kindly agreed to allow me to use some of his images with credit. Many thanks therefore to Allan.

Paul Street

Paul Street is new contact provided to me by Allan Stanistreet. Paul is based in Australia and has spent a number of years researching and collecting information on the Australian recipients of the Albert Medal and Edward Medal. Paul has very kindly sent me a large number of articles, documents and photos of recipients which have been used to update their pages on VCO. Many thanks to Paul for his help and support.

kevin book heroes of am book more heroes book come if ye dare

Carol Pollard

Carol is another member of the VCO FB group who is a regular contributor with photographs which she has taken and has recently been very supportive in helping with my recent projects on the Albert and Edward Medals particularly in terms of tracking down final resting places of the recipients. Many thanks to Carol for this.