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Victoria Cross Recipients - W

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Richard William Leslie Wain VC

Adam Herbert Wakenshaw VC

Richard Wakeford VC










Richard Wadeson VC

Garth Neville Walford VC

William George Walker VC

George Waller VC

Samuel Thomas Dickson Wallace VC










Sir Mark Walker VC

Horace Waller VC

wadeson wain wakeford wakenshaw walford

George Walters VC

Bernard Armitage Warburton-Lee VC

Malcolm David Wanklyn VC










William Francis Frederick Waller VC

Charles Burley Ward VC

walker m walker w wallace s










waller h

James Allen Ward VC

Sidney William Ware VC

Joseph Ward VC










Henry Ward VC

William Herbert Waring VC

waller w










wanklyn warburton lee ward c

Reginald Alexander John Warneford VC

Samuel Wassall VC

Edward Warner VC










Blair Anderson Wark VC

Sir Arnold Horace Santo Waters VC

ward h ward james










ware waring

Sir John Watson VC

Thomas Colclough Watson VC

Oliver Cyril Spencer Watson VC










Sir Tasker Watkins VC

Joseph Watt VC

wark warneford warner e wassall waters

Frank Bernard Wearne VC

James Welch VC

Lawrence Carthage Weathers VC










Henry Weale VC

Harry Wells VC

watkins t watson john watson o watson thomas watt j

Richard Annesley West VC

Francis Wheatley VC

William Basil Weston VC










Ferdinand Maurice Felix West VC

Kevin Arthur Wheatley VC

weale wearne weathers wells

George Godfrey Massy Wheeler VC

Harry Frederick Whitchurch VC

Frederick Whirlpool VC










George Campbell Wheeler VC

Albert White VC

west f west r weston w wheatley f wheatley k

Geoffrey Saxton White VC

Jack White VC

Sir George Stuart White VC










Archibald Cecil Thomas White VC

William Allison White VC

wheeler g c wheeler g g m










whitchurch white albert

Thomas Whitham VC

Alfred Wilcox VC

John Woods Whittle VC










Harold Edward Whitfield VC

Alfred Robert Wilkinson VC

white archibald white geoffrey white george WHITE JACK white william

Thomas Orde Lawder Wilkinson VC

John Williams VC

(born John Fielding)

Thomas Wilkinson VC










Thomas Wilkinson VC

John Henry Williams VC

whitfield whitham whittle john wilcox a wilkinson a

William Charles Williams VC

Sir Henry Wilmot VC

Richard Raymond Willis VC










William Williams VC

Sir Arthur Knyvet Wilson VC

wilkinson thomas wilkinson thomas orde wilkinson thomas 1942 williams john williams john henry

George Wilson VC

Sir Henry Evelyn Wood VC

Harry Blanshard Wood VC










Eric Charles Twelves Wilson VC

John Augustus Wood VC

williams w williams w c willis r wilmot wilson a

Joseph Edward Woodall VC

Charles Wooden VC

Thomas Woodcock VC










Wilfred Wood VC

Sidney Clayton Woodroffe VC

wilson eric wilson g wood h wood e wood j a

Geoffrey Harold Woolley VC

Peter Harold Wright VC

Alexander Wright VC










James Park Woods VC

Theodore Wright VC

wood wilfred woodall j woodcock wooden woodroffe

George Henry Wyatt VC

Guy George Egerton Wylly VC










Wallace Duffield Wright VC

woods j woolley










wright peter wright theodore






wright wallace wyatt wylly welch